Almost ready for topcoat. Is this right??

Discussion in 'Materials' started by snowbirder, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    could anyone suggest specific models?

    I need to buy one tomorrow morning and shoot tomorrow.

    I do prefer the small pot because it's so easy to move around with....
  2. PAR
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    Spray setups are like picking a wife, you're better off sticking with what you're use to, as a new one can make your life miserable, while you learn her peculiarities.
  3. SukiSolo
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    Fortunately, I've not had a problem with the 'window' but I have been conservative. One way that maybe helps, is to wipe the surface lightly with the correct thinner and if it becomes very faintly tacky, there's a good chance you are in the window. If it doesn't, I personally would cut it back rather than take the chance. Getting a feel for the tackiness is not something easy to describe, unless it becomes unwanted goo....;)
    Be warned though, a different thinner or solvent may cause tackiness and not that the coating is in the 'window'!.

    As it happens the current 2k has a 5 day 'window' and I'm coating consecutive days, last one today in perfect (15-20 deg C) temperatures. Equally been helping on a model/buck of jellutong with 2k polyester and getting the cutting window for that is fairly critical for sheer ease and accuracy of sanding (wet).
  4. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Ha ha ha.

    Well, I've only sprayed one thing. This boat's high build.

    I've always been good at standard roller and brush painting, so it was not even a little challenge to get it to come out perfect.

    Shot it at some cardboard a second, adjusted amount of paint and pattern width and just sprayed the boat. Was way, way easier than I imagined.

    But the Grizzly guns keep failing. Need a new gun that will work.
  5. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    My paint supplier is selling me the Devilbiss gravity cup. Will be in tomorrow. Excited.

    I think it will last for the whole project and my fears of not shooting upside down are unfounded.
  6. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    Even better option! The paint supplier is lending me a 2 1/2 gallon pressure pot with $400 Iawata gun attached until I'm done the topcoat!

    Guess I bought enough paint.

  7. snowbirder

    snowbirder Previous Member

    As it turns out, a high gloss on properly sanded primer is completely normal.

    Shot the topcoat on the topsides today. Used $700 Devilbliss gun married to a harbor freight 2 1/2 gllon pressure pot. Came out literally PERFECT with the paint rep here training me up a bit.
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