alloy sport fisher cat 8-9m design

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by karuhi, Mar 2, 2008.

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    hello, looking for help in the design of an aluminium sports fishing cat around 8-9m have looked at a few designs over the weekends www browsing.and talked to one designer in new zealand with some great plans, but looking for as many other ideas or better ones before committing.we are looking to build in aluminium as my father has an small engineering co - so can fabricate there , and hopefully buy a bit cheaper. cost is the biggest factor in this project as my funds are limited. thought along all sorts of ideas - dislpacement - semi or planning (want it to be very miserly on fuel) speed not a huge issue 12-20 knots cruising speed fine. wants to be shaft drive diesels (will maranise truck diesels maybe) although if someone can convince me outboards or leg better,then so be it. trailerable not an issue as can live on marina or mooring. needs a large enough cockpit to game fish out of (game chair - room for mega fish lol) decent sized cabin (NZ weather not always dependable) able to sit four anglers and skipper _ this is all we would take, probably less. berth for two maybe four (wife i and the kids) IS ALL THIS GOING TO FIT???. construction wants to be as painless as possible, we don't have a CNC cutter so was looking at cutting out with a plasma cutter. kitsets just seem so expensive here (don't know if nz is more expensive than elsewhere) but will listen to anyones ideas on dropping the boat cost. well think i've covered it all - please everyone out there HELP:( :(
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    hey you are looking for the exact vessel i am!!!! :) glad to see that i am not the only one on a quest. any luck? if you figure it out please drop me a line
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    I responded to Karuhi via pm when he first posted.

    We have these two cats available as kitsets for the home builder (built upright). There is a licenced supplier in Australia but NZ kits could be cut by local suppliers. Boats shown are 7.5 and 9.5m. The 9.5 can be either inboard or outboard. There is also a very customised (to suit a particular client) 8m available.

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