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    How do you get the best from your staff ??

    you didnt read the earler part of this story , where i said I was manager of the glass shop and it took 4 1/2 days to make a 36 foot launch ! Meaning all the fibreglass componants .:p
    We had a total staff 120 workers in all the differant departments plus office staff during the good times . Most times there could be up to 15 boats in the assembly shop in differant stages of assembly . In the glass shop I had 24 laminators and 6 chopper guns with a pallet of glass rovings along side each one and they ran a good part of every day , we recieved a truck load of resin every week along with more than 18 x 44 gallon drums of acetone each month untill i got the company to buy a acetone recycle machine of our own !:p
    The first month we never bought any acetone just recycled it ! after that consumption dropped to 3 drums a month and sometimes less.
    This was production on a grand scale like i had never been invovled in before .:D
    The deck had also more that 60% of the boat interior moulded into it , so we made decks first so they could be taken off the mould and all the fittings and cabnetary and electrics and plumbing done and assembled before it got lifted on to the hull that had all its internal stuff done ,motors, shafts , steering ,tanks ,skin fittings, hoses ,batteries and a million other things the deck also had all its glass and doors etc fitted as well then when it was on and glassed the fly bridge went on totally finished even with the guys tool box got lifted in place and all the sealing took place and final setting in place . I also made it a rule when a new boat went to be launched and sea trials at least 4 of my guys from the laminating shop went with the boats for the afternoon usually .:eek:
    ABSENTEE and staff not coming to work and guys having sick days dropped dramaticly also guys coming to work after a hard night of drinking stopped almost straight away after sending them home for the day ! i even phoned the police station on more than one occassion to get my guys back to work during the day and to spend the nights only locked up with a personal assurance they would be there at a given hour of the afternoon .Most had young families and wives that came and said thank you after the fact !.
    My attatude to my workers is they are the company !! they are the people that do the hard yards every day week in an week out , covered in crap from head to toe . I fort tooth and nail till they got the pay they deserved relevent to the work they did .;)
    I always worked one full day and sometimes more on the floor and could and did do any job that they did .:)
    Once or twice a week during lunch breaks i would found from some of our supplyers boating and or fishing videos and play them if anyone wanted to watch . Tea breaks and lunch breaks could be any time during the day and were up to the leading hands and foremen to arrange as work permited . Glide time !!anyone could have tea of coffee what ever they wanted as long as the work assigned was done and done well it was there call . :cool:
    i had the local fire brigade come when they had some spare time and give demos on all the differant types of fires we could have had , and what the main causes of factory fire were caused by .Also to teach and show the guys how to use the fire exstinguishers properly .:idea:
    I also made it a rule that we had no cleaning staff and no rubbish bins or containers in the factory . After a week it was possible to eat food off the floors almost ! every one worked ,did there job and got rid of all the crap into the big bins outside away from the factory .How do you get more work from your staff ? you treat them like you would want to be treated yourself . My office had no door as i had it taken off !! any one at any time could came and sit and have a chat about anything at all . :D
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    You gota be an aussie!. :p
    So you cant add the 5 we cut off and 4 1/2 it ended up taking together first!
    No wonder it took 2 aussies to was a car at the Sheldon caravan park @ Mt Gravatt , One to hold the hose with a stubbie in the other hand and another to wash with a sponge and hold a stubbie in his other hand as well as that these two guys had the cheek to get one of there wives to wind the windows up! :p !!
    Landlubber its a good discription !!
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    you said it mate, not me...I only questioned your statement.....
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    I don´t know this man "James Barlowe"
    Anyway I did send my apply to him, and also he answered very quick and polite thet he thought This job didn´t fit my experience.

    Maybe this man aint able to get agree to everybody.
    Who can?

    Anyway I did recieve an quick and polite answer for my questions.

    Thats enough for me when I do apply for job!
    Of course I do also have a big respect for honestly answers.

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    Michael Beckman - Job Openings


    This Saturday the shipyard is hosting a job fair at Kitsap Fairgounds off HWY 303/Waaga Way from 9-5.

    Among 200 or so open positions world-wide are 14 student trainee positions in various shipyard trades at Bremerton and Bangor, all also involving coursework at Olympic College.


    Salary: $27,068 - $31,597 per Annum

    Job Location(s): Bangor, Bremerton WA

    About the Job: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard/Intermediate Maintenance Facility is recruiting for the Student Career Experience Programs in services, machinery, mechanical, electrical and structural disciplines.

    The Student Career Apprentice Program provides a 4-year, combination work/study program, which prepares you for a career in an industrial trade. You will earn your Associates Degree in Technical Arts (ATA) from an accredited college and a Department of Labor certification. As an apprentice, you will attend classes during regular working hours, and your tuition is paid. These positions have promotional opportunities to journey-level mechanic positions.

    The Student Career Helper Program provides a 1-year, combination work/study program, which prepares you for a career in an industrial trade. Entry-level classes are provided after normal working hours, and your tuition and books are paid. These positions have promotional opportunities to the WG-05.

    Duties include the ability to acquire the knowledge and skills relating to the specific trade, which includes learning ability for the kinds of knowledge and skills that will be involved, interest in learning, and possession of the coordination and dexterity necessary for the acquisition of skills in an industrial trade.

    To be eligible and considered for this program: Helper: Must be eligible for enrollment into Olympic College, including English 99 and Math 90 by referral date; Apprentice: Must be eligible for enrollment into Olympic College, including English 101 and Math 94 by referral date. A combination of placement scores and transcripts may be used to meet the enrollment requirements. Your placement assessment must be dated within the last 2 years. Transcripts must have a 2.0 GPA in English and Math. (Math course must be within the last 2 years). Olympic College is current using ACCUPLACER placement scores to determine enrollment eligibility. For additional information on placement assessment please contact the Student Entry & Advising Center at Olympic College.

    WORK SCHEDULE: Apprentices: Full Time; Helpers: Seasonal

    PROMOTION POTENTIAL: Full Performance Level of position varies. Vacancies will be filled at the entry level (WG-01). Incumbent may be non-competitively promoted to the next higher grade level after meeting all regulatory requirements, and upon the recommendation of management.

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    Well after days of negative feedback, I finally get something positive. I called on most of the guys I knew to fill these positions because anybody knows it's better to employ somebody(s) you have worked with when you have got your neck on the line but after filling the first two positions I thought I'd try advertising to the masses and give other guys a chance after all they might be more appreciative and hard working, as mate's and work do not always work, so with my first completing his first week this week, and saying thank you for trusting him to work for me and that this contract is the best he's worked on, gives me great sense of achievement and with my second guy starting on Monday I hope I have just as much of an effect on him, the jobs up and running now and going well, so with some hope coming from you guys and people that at last are talking some sense, if I need anybody else I will surely be in touch.Good luck in what could only be described as hard times.
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