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    all your boat needs

    Hello all i build boats and also build my own boats (heathbuds concept boats)can build your boats in your molds if your looking for someone to build in lake havasu city az..ive worked for many boat companies and i can do tooling desighn and much more if you have any ? about anything please contact me.... also looking to build rc boats for you ..all serious interest will be reviewed...thank you.Custom gel kote is also availible by the best there is.....will travel to you.. please contact me @ 928 230 3721......i personally know 2 of the top toolers ther is one specializing in bottom desighn...he desighns bottoms for the powerboat industry...i have inside info on all the top boat builders ......can also give you info on proper step placement on any boat ......i will meet all your needs and projects..thank you HEATHBUDS...IM REALLY INTERESTED IN THE FISHING BOAT MARKET..IM CURRENTLY BUILDING AND DESIGHNING A SMALL FISH BOAT ALL ELECTRIC FOR SMALL ACRE LAKES @ A DECENT 3 TO 5 THOUSAND DOLLAR RANG.IT 15 FT.. I NEED TO FIND A SMALLER ONE ALSO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE....i have rayson craft 21ft and daytona pickle low profile 19ft my concept 15 1/2 ft.and many more can get acsess to CAMPBELL BOAT MOLDS

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