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    ALFARO DESIGN is a new venture recently launched by Earl Alfaro, whose resume of experience includes Grand Banks Yachts, Pursuit Boats, Tom Fexas Yacht Design, Intermarine Savannah and Palmer Johnson Savannah.

    ALFARO DESIGN has been created to offer not only a comprehensive design service to production, refit, and custom boat Clients, but to also serve the needs of design studios and naval architects.

    Our design platform includes AutoCAD LT 2015, Rhino3D, Orca3D as well as Photoshop.

    Our services include small-craft naval architecture, conceptual and detail design, 3D modeling, 2D drafting, photorealistic rendering, and consulting.

    Whether your need is short or long term, ALFARO DESIGN has the technical expertise, creativity, and 27 years experience that will compliment your present design teams or become the resource for a complete design service.

    Please explore our web site at and see examples of successful yachts recently launched by Grand Banks as well as several other notable shipyards and builders.

    It would be a pleasure to provide service to you.

    Contact: Earl Alfaro
    Tel. 772-696-1954
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