Albin 275 Diesel Outboard Repower Question

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by flboats, Feb 19, 2017.

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    I have a unique downeast style 28' Albin prototype built for a 1994 Miami boat show. Originally came with a Volvo Penta 218 Hp Diesel engine with duoprop outdrive. Can anyone tell me what king of performance can I get if I put a Yamaha F250 outboard on a 2' setback Armstron bracket? The Volvo diesel with drive weight over 1200 lbs, Yamaha 250 4 stroke only 620 lbs.Also I have the original performance specs, with 218 single diesel top speed was 37.1 mph what is unbelievable because the boat weight was 6000 lbs, maybe because the hull design, downeast style. Also I know if I set back the engine 2' I can raise the caviation plate 2" above keel line, so I will have much less drag. I just don't know will be good or not.
    Thank you for all help

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