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Discussion in 'Motorsailers' started by Steve W, May 4, 2008.

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    Do any of the Kiwi members have any knowledge of a Mummery design which was built by Snow Waters in the mid 1970s.I dont remember the name but i think it was Lady something.As i recall it was about 55ft long,skinny,about 12 ft beam,low freeboard with a 6cyl ford diesel.This boat had some unusual features such as the bow was left empty for sail storage,it had a center cockpit,aft cabin and then a huge shallow aft cockpit where you could stow a dinghy or guests could hang out and be out of the way,i think it was a cutter with two backstays terminating well inboard as was the forestay i think,strip planked kauri construction sheathed with glass.It was described at the time in a Sea Spray magazine article as having the beam,displacement,rig ,accomodations and freeboard of a 37ft boat but drawn out to give a fast easy driven hull under sail or power. This concept has been stuck in my mind for over 30 yrs and i have never seen anything quite like it since.Any info would be much appreciated.
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    You could try e-mailing Tim Porter, editor of BOATING NZ.

    The magazine has a couple of writers who cover the old era's of NZ boating history very well and I'm sure he'd ask them or put you in direct contact with them - they should be able to solve your mystery for you.

    Hope this helps.
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    yes I built a few of his boats
    the one you are thinking of was owned by a Max, um forget his name,and done over by Salthouse abt 12 years ago Lady Ira I think was called look PM ME I will give you Mummerys tel number or email him for you,
    Why is she of interest to you
    and there was this one too
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