Aircraft hull as a water-jet Foil "Flyer"

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    Hello to everyone! i am a brand new 63yr-old? To your group/ I have the fuselage of a "Glass Goose" Amphibious (HomeBuilt aircraft) i have so far >carved up & married a 400cc 35hp? jet ski /to the stepped hull & tested as a proof of concept >works great >needs more power >>so i have cut-up & mated a 900cc. -100hp ski >>yet to be tested. Yet i have been toying with Turning it into a (water) jet powered Foil type of Flying craft. With the intent of "flying just high enough (so as to minimise draft)- (retractable foil?)to enable 45* banked turns. I am lacking knowledge of the Foil & Submerged/Telescopic jet inlet> part of this Diabolical plan. If you might be interested / able to add to/ or take part in/ This project Please contact me. Dave
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