Airbus 380 aluminum grp composite and making construction PolyUre and AL Composite

Discussion in 'Materials' started by mustafaumu sarac, Aug 15, 2018.

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    mustafaumu sarac Senior Member

    A380 technology is using aluminum 0.3 mm or 1/8 inches thick and grp composite.

    I am thinking 0.3mm aluminum - rolled and non marine grade - and construction work polyurethane foam spray composite for 4 meters long yrvind design.

    I am thinking to buy 0.3mm / 1 meters high and infinite long roll piece and rivet on to 5cms frame.

    And than coat the Al with construction grade polyurethanne foam spray.

    Every meters of 1 meters long , 1 meters high , 0,3 mm thick non marine grade aluminum weights 800 grams and costs 2 dollars. I know salt water quickly disintigrates it but I am thinking to coat very thick foam.

    1 liters polyurthane resin makes 55 liters of foam and costs 3 dollars.

    4mm thick plywood design 3 meters long , requires 5 cms or 2 inches thick internal framing.

    I will do the same.

    GRP is very expensive for me and I can only cover the al + foam with 800 grams fiberglass later.

    This is the cheapest construction method I could find.

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    Build a test buoy you can float in your home waters, maybe under a nearby dock, if that's an option, a smaller boat if not. See what actually happens before you commit much to the project. Remember, per the claims lots of NAs around here make usually the hull isn't the dominant cost.

    Dense closed cell foam on a boat hull may also be difficult to pull off based on comments I've read (where closed cell foams require special equipment).

    You may also need to coat the inside too, since water is bound to collect somewhere.

    PS: you didn't specify how large a boat. I've read of people making dories or similar craft from cedar used for fences, or even from old pallet wood.
  3. mustafaumu sarac
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    mustafaumu sarac Senior Member

    I am thinking matt layden eluison 2.2 meters design , 3.1 meters long delaunay ten ten and 4 meters long svern yrvind 4 meters long designs.

    Cedars or pallet wood is out of reach to me.

    I think best thing can be outer layer grp 800 grams or 250 grams glass polyester , second layer is 800 grams aluminum , third layer is thick polyurethane.

    This works and internal structure is thick wood frames.

    Poly protects the AL from sea water.

    Thicker the composite, stronger and protects from sun heath and winter cold.

    Al defends from sharp points and its tensile strenght is ultra high.Fiber makes flexible and poly makes the thickness and protection from weather. I think it makes the hull thicker and this is never bad thing.
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