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Discussion in 'Stability' started by yacht picasso, Jul 3, 2007.

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    hi everyone... i'm new in this forum...
    i am just begging to use Autoship (my fathers of course), in my spare time. could you give me some simple pointers on stability. is it true that a large vessel needs "air chambers"? :confused: (rooms of air, apparently that's what my friend said). maybe he was making fun of me!
    (if your thinking... "why doesnt he aske his father"... well, i don't want him to know i am using his computer when he is at work.:D

    thanks for the help! :)
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    Hi Picasso

    Maybe he was talking about chambers that can be closed off in case the hull gets holed. This iscolates the part of the hull that's holed from the rest of the hull, so the ship won't sink.

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    Yup, I reckon Poida’s right. They’re also referred to as collision bulkheads, designed to divide the boat into sections so if one section is holed, the buoyancy in the remaining compartments will keep the boat afloat.

    Now the Titanic was one such designed ship but she sank because the iceberg ripped a long hole along the length of the ship, thereby flooding several compartments.

    Sorry I can't help with Autoship, but why don’t you ask your dad if you can download FreeShip at this address As the name implies, it’s totally free and you could spend hours playing with it and developing your design skills. I think an interest like you have should be encouraged.

    Good luck!!

    And welcome to the forum too! :p
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