AINE-INNOVAMAR International Award

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    Guillermo Ingeniero Naval

    For those interested, the second edition of the AINE-INNOVAMAR International Award has been announced. The registration of papers ends on 31 March 2009, and Prize is a full 18.000 Euros.

    The Award aim to reward any activity in the Maritime Sector that implies innovation, improvement or technological progress in its products, processes, management or exploitation techniques at any stage of a Project, from the feasibility or conceptual studies to the industrial exploitation.

    The papers have to be applicable to the Spanish Maritime Sector, have to be unpublished and written in Spanish or English and signed with motto or seudonym.

    Basis at: INNOVAMAR-AINE 2008(2).pdf (Spanish and English)

    AINE is the Spanish Naval Engineers Association. (
    INNOVAMAR is the Spanish Technological Institute for the Development of Maritime Industries. (

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