Affordable seaworthy cruiser

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by goodwilltoall, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. gonzo
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    I get it magic and miracles instead of technology.
  2. SamSam
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    Goodwilltoall, it's impossible for you or this Voxsolus wannabe to actually back up any of this conspiratorial drivel, and it's too bad that you keep airing these ignorant and regressive ideas because I wanted to see if your boat will actually work. I know it will float, but I was wondering if it will stay upright and if it does, will it break apart at the first opportunity or will it actually perform well enough to be of any use. Will it be a serviceable boat or a danger to all who venture anywhere in it, another Raw Faith failure? I'm going to accept the probability that I'll never know because this thread will be closed soon if you keep up these absurdities of flat Earth and turtles all the way down. Voxsolus, you should at least stfu if not simply go away, you contribute nothing but ignorant gibberish and all you will accomplish is to shut the thread down.
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    Like they used to say on TV, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."
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    < Closing this thread at this point as it seems to be getting out of hand >

    We really want to try and keep the boat design forums focused on boat design and boatbuiding, the design and engineering of boats, and away from religion or politics.

    There are a large number of other forums already dedicated to both religion and politics which would be a better location for political and religious discussion.

    Here is a list of other forums where political topics would be welcome: forum

    Here is a list of other forums where religious topics would be welcome: forum
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