Affordable Gaff Cutter Build : 12-19'

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by qroberts, Jul 31, 2010.

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    qroberts New Member

    I'm looking to build myself a boat I've wanted ever since I started sailing as a child.

    I'm in love with aesthetics of gaff cutters but pre-built boats with this rig run ridiculously expensive compared to similarly sized craft.

    I like the look of Memory 19's and Ebihen 16's but kits for the former are extremely expensive and I'm having trouble finding a price on the latter.

    I am by no means a master carpenter and my tool selection is not extensive (but may be augmented) so I'm looking for a simple build in the 12'-19' range (pre cut kit would be ideal) that can accomodate a gaff-cutter rig.

    I've sailed opti's, turnabouts, lasers, 420's, osprey, americans, mercurys, sonars, ensigns, rhodes, mariners and hobies in all conditions (even a tropical storm once...gave me a nice scar) so I'm not concerned about being able to handle any manner of boat under any wind conditions.

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    WhiteDwarf White Dwarf

    Try Scruffie Marine's Secret 20

    Secret is a light weight and shallow draft gaff cutter.

    The bilge seems to be strip planked, but the rest is plywood.

    She is claimed to be pretty slippery too.
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