Affordable CAD(2D) software?

Discussion in 'Software' started by liki, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. liki
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    liki Senior Member

    Any suggestions for an affordable CAD package, 2D capabilities are enough for me. Specific purpose is to loft and draw construction plans for a small skiff.

    I have already bought QCad for a few euros, but it lacks splines that meet their control points which is about the only requirement I would have for now besides the normal layers.

    I think I will try TurboCAD or ViaCAD next, both are sold for 39 USD. Anyone able to share any experiences with either of these entry level versions?
  2. ruysg
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    ruysg Junior Member

    You could check out DraftSight, by dassault. It´s quite similar to Autocad, and it's free.

  3. liki
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    liki Senior Member

    Indeed, with a quick test it seems to offer all that I'll need.
  4. alanrockwood
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    alanrockwood Senior Member

    DoubleCad XT is free. The Pro version costs about $700.

    The free version claims to be a AutoCAD LT work-alike.

    I have used the free version in a casual way. I'm not an experienced CAD user, but it seemed to work OK for me.
  5. Hawkabilly48
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    Affordable CAD(2D) software?

    How about FREE? LEGALLY

    Download AutoCad and 3DSMax and most other Autodesk Aps - free student versions at

    You just need a student ID number from anywhere. If I remember right, they work for a year. Full working applications. AUTODESK Education Community. All kinds of benefits.
    If you are not a student it's easy to find one. Relative, neighbor, bar, craigs list. hehe
  6. conceptia
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    conceptia Naval Architect

    zwcad and brickscad, i remember, too were good. But it might crash if we open more than 3-4 windows. the normal versions were free.

  7. adt2
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    adt2 Senior Member

    See Free and works a lot like AutoCAD. Made by the same folks who make SolidWorks and Catia.

    If you need a little primer on its use, see here for some how-to's I've been putting up for drawing lines using DraftSight and Rhino.
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