AeroRig on catamaran

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Steve Pulaski, Jul 19, 2023.

  1. Steve Pulaski
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    Steve Pulaski New Member

    Currently on my cat I have a Aerorig, I not sure if I’m happy with the performance, curious if I can turn it into a Freedom type rig where it has a fixed forestay and running backstays. Remove the giant boom and just boom the main with gooseneck. Make the carbon mast non rotating. Looking for comments and suggestions.
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  2. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Welcome to the Forum Steve.
    What type / size / make of cat do you have?
    Can you post some photos (or drawings if you have any) of her please?
    Re her performance, this might be more affected by her hull form (does she have tubby hulls?) rather than by the Aero Rig
  3. Remmlinger
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    Remmlinger engineer

    You will sacrifice performance if the mast is fixed, see:
    Paton, J.S., Morvan, H.P., “The Effect of Mast Rotation and Shape on the Performance of Sails”, Int. J. of
    Maritime Engineering, A2, no. 103, 2007
    I investigated it also in my paper: aerodynamics.pdf
  4. Steve Pulaski
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    Steve Pulaski New Member

    my biggest problem I have found with owning an Aerorig Cat is that when I need help with any issues there’s no one that knows anything about them. Traditional riggers come to look at it and I feel like they are just guessing. Looking at ways to quiet the banging and figuring out how to make it more feel solid. This option of making it a Freedom style rig was an option that I was told I could do.

  5. Alan Cattelliot
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    Alan Cattelliot Senior Member

    Hi Steve,

    It's the first time I read comments about the Aerorig. Always been very curious. Is your boat a Shuttleworth 52 AeroRig ? A two backstays configuration can be used to obtain a very acceptable mainsail trim, playing with mast twist. Removing the boom is not a very good idea, in general, because, depending on you sailplane, you may want to put tension on the leech, for a better control of the main.
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