advices for few equipment parts for custom yacht

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by gp333, May 7, 2010.

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    I plan build custom 60 feet yacht..

    pls. can someone more experienced give me advices.. pls. focus on real advices what producer is best with ratio quality/price by these 3 peaces:

    1. Hydraulic lifting keel (1.8-3.5)
    2. An hydraulic bathing platform (with a dinghy garage)
    3. Carbon mast

    I know enough about these.. but when I wish buy equipment, wish know what say more experienced persons.. what you recommend me here?
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    For a lifting keel, you may have to rely on the boat builder since many keel designs are specific to the boat at hand. You may contact Mars Metal in Canada whom I rely on for a lot of keel castings, and they have tremendous exposure to all kinds of keels.

    Otherwise, I have helped design the lifting keels for my clients, and they are all different--depends on the boat and the preferences of the owner.

    For the hydraulic bathing platform, in Canada and the US, the people at Freeman and Pacific Coast Marine are pretty inventive and can custom make whatever you need to fit your boat.

    I am sure that in Europe, there are other builders who are just as competent, but these are the ones that I have direct experience with.

    As for carbon fiber masts, I attach a list of all the carbon fiber mast builders in the world. I found this a few months ago on the internet. It is a little out of date, but mostly OK.


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