Advice on the fees for a 62 footers

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Steph357, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. apex1

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    You are´nt very familiar with the Forum obviously......................

    But instead quite well with drivel and insults. And insulting me is one of your hobbies for months now.

    Not one single post you made has ever provided some positive, supportive or valuable content.

    Go back under your stone you simple minded bigmouth.
    And a little mas rapido please!
  2. dskira

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    If answering the truth, and making fun of attacks is spreading arrogances well we all, I hope, are arrogant but you.
    Read the first post, and then continue scrolling down, you will see, reading interresting and you can learn something.
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    Stephan, do it once for ANY fee, after You will know how much You have to charge for such job. Nobody will tell You exactly - it depends on expenses running a business, Your manhours and customer's flexibility.
  4. dskira

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    What ever :rolleyes:
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  5. dskira

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    I have an other question Maslento, did you read finally the thread or you find yourself with to many time in your hand and find very useful to insult me.
    You don't know me, so keep quiet, and keep your drug **** to yourself.
    You never started a thread, you insulted the US in one of your post while living in Chile, coward, you don't design boat, you have no clue how to behave in the forum, you stink the oportunist with a lot of non resolves feelings.
    You just stupidely answer posts with venum. Get out of the people who are talking about boats, since you are not, by far, a boat man.
    Masrapido (translation "the fastest) you are the worst nightmare for woman. :D
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  6. apex1

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    SHUTUP bloody *******!

    YOU hijacked the thread! And for ONE simple reason only. To insult me...

    You premature a..hole should really spread your brainless drivel elsewhere not here!

    This is the boatdesign net, not your sandbox, toddler.

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    Eddy Johansen Hydrosport Sportboats

    This, Steph357, might be the best piece of advice you get around these quarters. ;)

    And if 500 bucks keeps you going for 3 months with weekend parties, 2000 will do the trick for a year, right?
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