Advice on the fees for a 62 footers

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    You should not underestimate some members ability to read.:D In your former threads you had quite a bit more than 3 lines!
    of problems.....

    But to come to a sensible end:

    Make a rough calculation how many manhours it would need to make the complete design. (for a experienced NA)
    Now estimate / calculate how big is your part of that. in %

    A well established NA gets between 5% and 15% of the total building cost of a yacht (depending on complexity) as royalty fee.
    the latter figure valid on megayachts only

    A design going in mass production always has to be tweaked a bit to fit the prod. process. Therefore is on the more complex side of the job.
    On the other hand, if the design is built a hundred times you do´nt get the fee for every boat.
    In mass production the first boat costs the full fee (common 7 - 10%), all successors just a (low) fixed amount.
    Or yards and designer agree on a lower royalty fee for every produced boat. Common 1 to 2%.

    Problem is, you sure do´nt know how to calculate the complete effort of such a job. but thats not my problem............


    So, Mr Kay9, whinger and "Ships Captain" any complaints? And why did´nt YOU provide the info? Bigmouth!
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    I am not underestimating the reading capability of the member, But I wonder how do you guess on things that you haven't red :D.

    Thank you, that was the answer I was looking for, see, it was shorter than all the arguments before :p.
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    Down boy.
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    Now, Apex has provided you with the "standard procedure" in this business, that applies for acknowledged professionals. But you might also go another way, regarding that this is a customer you already know. Some yards and mech industries may prefer hiring you as a project consultant on a time basis. That makes the final product their own property and there is no discussion as to what is the sale value and your percentage of that value a.s.o. This way, they have more freedom and may be more interested in you as an "unknown capacity"; they can fire you immediately if not satisfied.

    Visit one or two of the well known consultant companies in mechanical engineering or similar, in your region, and find out what they would be prepared to pay an apprentice. Use that as a basis for a negotiation with your customer; agree on a reasonable timerate for your level of competence, and be prepared to settle for a limit on maximum working hours to finished product. Any excess time you spend over that is at your cost. If you are aiming at a professional career, get yourself an insurance covering your *** in case of something going wrong (...sooner or later it will!).

    Also, ask for a bank deposit of about 20 % of the estimated total, to be released at some agreed point in the work process. And work hard without taking shortcuts.......!
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    And completely worthless... as long as you do´nt know the timeframe. But that is impossible at you stage of knowledge!
    You can imagine why no one did provide this worthless info before???

    Baeckmo did give the right hints btw.
    But I do´nt know if you wanted to hear that.
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    I don't think it's worthless information. Back when I started contracting and drawing my own plans, the hardest part of the job was figuring out what my time and talents might be worth to someone else. And the fact that I knew nothing about that end of the construction business when I started was hardly a reflection on my designing and building skills.

    Back then, I'd have killed to get some some rough guidelines on what the general range of pricing by established professionals was. So I'm happy to see some folks giving this young man useful input, instead of just trying to run him off for being unversed on the business aspects of what he wants to do.
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    Of course you did notice Troy, who gave the info you adress to be not worthless?
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    Really talking to you apex is like talking to a wall...

    Thank for the answers.
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    Well Steph, I know.

    And I love it this way, I am frank and honest, not polite. You will learn soon, business life is polite, but not honest. You may choose.
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    I already did thank you.
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    Apex1: the Wall
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    we do´nt need no education,
    we do´nt need no thought control........


    ...leave us kids alone......

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    I see apex is on fire insulting and spreading his arrogance all over the forum. Any thread he gets a chance.

    Not much else to do in Byzanz, obviously. How sad...
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