advice needed - 17-22' aluminum hull boats

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    looking for a "dual sport" aluminum hull boat for fishing and fun - bay, lake, etc. I've read that some are ok offshore but I'm not there yet... family of 4. Ideally 20+ ft but choices seem slim. I have a couple questions for the pros. I have years on the water but almost all canoe/jon boat so I have little experience and dont want to make a mistake. ideally i'd like to stay in the $5-7K range

    1.) good brands? So far I have found: crestliner, lund, starcraft, blue fin, and lowe
    2.) welded vs rivets?
    3.) center console vs side console?
    4.) biggest problems with these type of boats?
    5.) what parts can rot? I like the idea of aluminum over wood because of rot, and over fiberglass/foam because of UV wear/tear and waterlogging.

    thanks a bunch!
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