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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Navy Dave, Sep 24, 2007.

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    I am a MBA student at Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business. I am working on a five-year business plan project for a start-up boat manufacturing company. Not only is this a required project, but also I would like to see if this is a feasible project to actually pursue.

    My question is how many layers and of what kind (mat, weave, weight?) of Fiberglass media would you recommend for a 14.5' planeing, air-entrapment hull, given your experience?

    This is only for forecast financials. I have sourced all my materials based on estimates based on scraps of info gleaned here and there, but I am unsure if my estimations are accurate. Inaccuracies in materials requirements can have a significant impact in my financial projections.

    The boat will be a 14.5’ planeing catamaran powerboat, with a stepped hull and center pod. I expect the boat to utilize a 50 hp motor.

    The primary intended use is flats fishing in protected waterways.

    The target weight is 700-800 lbs.

    There will be two models:
    1) Fiberglass vacuum resin infused
    2) Kevlar/Graphite weave resin infused

    I have no idea of material weight to use, type of media (mat, weave, etc)

    The measurements are:

    14.5’ long
    7’ wide
    3’ gunwales

    I do not have any cad drawings, as the time frame is very tight on this project. If the numbers workout, I will continue to pursue this project further.

    Let me know if there are any other details that need further clarification.

    Thank you once again.
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    Check out Aksano Catamarans, they make almost exactly the boat you described.
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    Thank you, I have, but maybe they can help me with my project. Thank you for the suggestion.
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