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    Thanks to all who replied to my query about fresh epoxy adhering to cured epoxy. I maybe should have stated that I'm using System Three's T-88. Anyone tried this stuff for structural use? (glueing frame parts) It seems like great stuff...1 to 1 mix, very low odor and appears to be mighty tough! Anyway, what about this 3M 5200 adhesive I read about? I'm always skeptical about adhesives that are also a sealant. Is this stuff strong enough to use as a structural adhesive? I'm still toying with the idea of making some frames from this chunk of treated Southern Yellow Pine I have. I don't know what it is treated with. It's your standard modern process whatever that might be.
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    3m 5200 is not a structural adhesive, though there may be some special situations where it might work as such. Your situation definitely is not one of them.

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