Adding daggerboard to inflatable kayak

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by JoelBoater, Jun 13, 2012.

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    I'm new to the forum and would like to add daggerboards to an inflatable SeaEagle kayak, to facilitate sailing upwind with the triangular sail I've purchased.

    Three questions: Will it work to add two short paddles (one on each hull) to act as daggerboards, as seen in this photo: ?

    How far along the hull should I affix the short paddles?

    Do I need to be able to lock them into the down position, or will gravity and the water-flow hold them in place? Add-on oarlock shown here:

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    Joel two paddles will help but not very much. You can probably get by with one lee board if it is large enough. One board would do because you are not likely to be flying a hull with that small sail. Judgeing by the picture and making a wild guess, I'd try something with at least two square feet of immersed board or maybe a little more.

    The tinyurl shows a small lateen sail that is not setting well. It needs some finicky adjustment and it probably needs a boom vang or at least a down haul on the boom. Lateen sails have all sorts of possibilities for adjustments by shifting the location of either the boom or the sprit with respect to the mast. The location of the board needs to be determined by trial and error. About where the paddles are is a good starting location.

    If you can find an experienced Sunfish sailor he/she may be able to help tune the sail so that it will work to best advantage. In any case don't expect much speed when going to windward. A sunfish has a lateen sail but it is much larger.
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    If you bought a Kayak - that sail will be waaaay to big. You will only be able to use something 1/3 that size. He is on a cat hull, after all.

    The bigger problem will be to find a place to step the mast on your kayak (being inflatable and all) , and find the sail position that wont overcome the rudder. hey - better figure out how to mount a rudder on an inflatable too ...
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