Addicted To My Motorcycle, it has to go!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Wavewacker, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    Hi, well I have been looking at boats of all shapes and sizes...well, not really big ones! I have decided after weeks of reading that I need a smaller boat than first thought but I have one requirement;

    I need to take my motorcycle! I want to do this to make the Great Loop hopefully next year. I'll generally be close enough to shore to swim back (LOL). But my Honda Transalp (A dual sport 500cc) has to go to. It weighs just under 420 lbs. 8 ft. long, 3 ft at handlebars and 33 inches high to the heavy upper end while the mirrors stick up to 62 inches. I seethis being wrapped up in a polytarp or maybe encased in a light weight container.

    I'd like a small catamaran design with this weight toward the center stern.
    I'd like a motorsailor, small one, easy to sail and a small engine, say 25 hp...maybe less....need good MPG as I believe I would motor more than sail...especially on rivers.

    Sorry this is so long....I am not opposed to a V monohull cruiser or anything that would haul the weight. I need to stay on this thing for two?

    Thanks alot guys, look forward to ideas and suggestions.....and you can say I'm nuts, that's OK too.....LOL:confused:
  2. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    Ahhh, it's not that nuts is it? Anyone??
  3. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    No it is not nuts.

    But problematic. I am a biker too and I have not found a proper solution below the 22 meter mark.

    But maybe one of our bright minds comes out with a brilliant solution, who knows?

  4. M&M Ovenden
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    M&M Ovenden Senior Member

    Haha! Different interests, same problem. I too "need" a biggish boat because of my other addictions. The reality is that Mark and I could easily live on a 36 ft boat as we previously did, but.... I can't do without a canine friend, big one....humm, and I happen to have two of them...To make things even more complicated I quite enjoy racing my dogs in harness dog sports (here's for an idea about it , which involve more stuff: skis and bike (for both Mark and I). To add to the load of the "must have stuff" on board their will be wind surfing equipment.

    Living on the 36 footer we found out that the boat size was more of an issue for stuff than for our day to day comfort so our current boat is planned out with that in mind. Over the 15 meters of the boat only the 5.5 meters in the center are for living accommodations, the rest of the space is for boat stuff and fun stuff....but the dogs are sharing the cozy accommodations with us :).

    Ok I don't have quite your issue about getting to shore, the dogs swim. I'm not helping you with your motorcycle issue but maybe a bit of moral support maybe about having two hobbies that don't mix.

  5. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    This one was designed by Tom Fexas to accommodate two Harley Davidson tractors. It is the 42m Lady Jenn, built by Palmer Johnson for a German owner.

    He left the fat Iron chunks ashore after a while. Too much hassle to handle them.

    Very few marinas provide berths where you could set a bike ashore.


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  6. tinhorn
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    tinhorn Senior Member

    No problem, man. See the attached pic. I happen to have a couple of 18' Hobie catamaran hulls that would make a great base for a motorcycle adaptation.

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  7. mcollins07
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    mcollins07 Senior Member

    I approached from a slightly different direction. How to build a bike for my boat. My plan is to start with a Bull taco 250cc trials bike and make it street legal. Weight being the issue. I hope to get it down to about 75 lbs. Picking it up and put it in a dingy if need be. However, backing up the stern to a bulkhead is the usual route.
  8. Submarine Tom

    Submarine Tom Previous Member

    You're nuts!

  9. mndwgz
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    mndwgz Junior Member

    I had asked the new Prout representative this very question a couple days ago. My idea is to cut in a hatch/"dog house" over one of the aft bunks that'll accommodate a Buell, or two. I would sacrifice a bit of cockpit space to have my bike handy. Retractable gangplank, away from weather, secure, are just some of the design specifications... His reply was anything could be done with enough money thrown at it.

    I always thought this boat would have been great for hauling bikes, it is bigger than what you're looking for though:


    Just back her in and offload...
  10. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    Apex your reference to fat iron chunks will annoy some of the unwashed but those are very descriptive words with which I agree. The vernacular for Harley in the US is Hog and in some parts of the country they are referred to as trucks. (yes I am a biker too).

    Mcollins; you will never get the Bultaco down to 75 pounds while it is still able to travel. A 250 engine /transmission module alone weighs nearly that much. Think smaller...maybe a moped or really lightweight scooter.
  11. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    LOL guys, I have been reassured. Well the Transalp could be lifted with a small manual crane or A frame and set it ashore from the stern I would think. A Cat was the idea I had, seems like it would fit on an 8' deck, just wondering how so as not to interfer with operations, guess lines can go around....

    After the bike I'd like to have my german shepard, what do you do for lenghty voyages for dog food, he goes through 50 pounds pretty quick.

    Well the boats suggested so far are beyond my bank account unless I sold my homes and borrowed, I don't think I'm going there. Yes, turning the bike itself into a boat might be an option, I could just set it in a tractor inner-tube too. I actually thought of using inflatable tubes, like a zodiac without the bottom, and make a frame that would have a draft of a couple of feet to get the CG lower, then have a bottom made of hypalon (sp) material or that used for the bottoms of inflatables...and just pull it. I don't think my dog would mind his own boat!

    It's only 420 pounds, that's like taking two other guys my size, or my ex! lol
  12. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member

    Tinhorn, That was another idea and project. Actually I was wanting small poontoons, probably inflateable and build a small fram that was also a trailer. Pop the wheels on and off or swing the axel into place. Ride the bike on the boat and use a small trolling motor to get around. Then go back take it apart, pack it on the trailer and hook it to the bike and go home. Yes the transalp can pull a small trailer but figuring out how to put a hitch on is a trick too. That way you could leave home, run down the river, get out and ride home.
    Wavewacker just too wacky? lol
  13. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Did not know that they are called Hog. And I do not understand why one would call a sort of stranded tugboat Hog? Pigs are intelligent animals and do never stink as penetrant as the average Hog/ tractor driver.
    Strange habits there, one must say..........
    I am a Hayabusa driver, but thats a gentle cow.
  14. Village_Idiot
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    Village_Idiot Senior Member

    Suggest you either 1) utilize a small custom-built landing craft as a tender for your larger catamaran, or 2) utilize a larger custom-built landing craft as your main liveaboard. Thusly, you will be able to off-load your mount on most shorelines regardless of docking facilities.

    The small LC would be flat-bottomed for stability and shallow-water capability where deadrise is not needed since your cat will be anchored nearshore in, presumably, quiescent waters. The larger LC would also have little deadrise, but be seaworthy due to sheer size of the hull. That is my 1.5 cents (<--deflation) :D

  15. wardd
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    wardd Senior Member

    Higgins boat
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