Acico Yachts acquires Jongert

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    Acico Yachts acquires the Jongert shipyard and merges both companies into one strong organization.

    Dutch superyacht builder Acico Yachts proudly announced the acquisition of Jongert shipyard in Wieringerwerf. This acquisition guarantees a sustain- able future for Jongert, a brand founded in 1953, which has since been renowned for its world-class sailing yachts. The acquisition also strengthens Acico Yachts so it can continue to expand its activities related to building and refitting of large superyachts.

    Both brands will soon be located and fully operational at the shipyard in Wieringerwerf. These facilities cover a site that spans 44,000 m2, with direct waterfront access, three large production halls and three dedicated workshops devoted to metal work, carpentry, paint work and varnishing.

    ‘This takeover strengthens our position and allows us to be one of the few Dutch shipyards that offer its clients the full expertise of yacht building under one roof’ says Christian Bolinger, Managing Director. He continues ‘We can now facilitate total in-house production of superyachts that span up to 60 meters in length, to the highest quality standard in modern facilities. The Jongert heritage is already in our veins as many of our 50+ crafts- men have a long history as former employees at Jongert. By merging the two companies, a wealth of experience and knowhow is reunited and readily available in our service to our clients’.

    Two markets one shipyard

    The new organization combines the expertise of two world-class yacht builders and will continue to serve the two different markets; sailing and motor yachts. With the heritage of Jongert and the knowhow of the two combined, the shipyard will perform in both markets using the Jongert brand. It will serve the many existing sailing yacht owners and will bring the brand value to new sailing and motor yachts to be built. The cooperation with Mr Herbert Dahm as brand Ambassador, who represented Jongert for many years and largely contributed to Jongert’s success in the past, is a clear sign of how the new organization values its heritage. Acico Yachts will further continue to build for other industries, yards and brands, in the way that it currently does for Drettmann Yachts, with its 24-metre Diesel-Electric Explorer Yacht soon to be launched.
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