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    We are southern ocean sailors and have done a few miles ie south west Pacific, Bass Strait, Southern ocean, east coast of Australia. Sadly one of us has become incapacitated but we still want to circumnavigate Australia. Would appreciate any advice about lifting heavy loads (75kg dead lift - 3 wheel tricycle with two 12 volt batteries) onto Jeanneau 54DS or Benneteau 57 (currently looking at both of these boats), eg davits, rear deck crane.

    Any other incapacitated sailor's opinion would be very much appreciated, ie internal getting around, dinghy deployment and retrieval, mainsail jams (they always do).
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    Maybe look into cranes with an accumulator. Similar to some SOLAS cranes that require there to be a form of stored energy for operating in an emergency. Should work if your not going to be taxing the equipment for long periods of time.

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