AC yacht modelling accurately on Maxsurf??

Discussion in 'Software' started by ac4ever70, Nov 24, 2003.

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    I am a recent user of Maxsurf, and I would like to study America Cup's sloop designs on Maxsurf as a hobby in my spare time!! We only use Maxsurf for stability calculation from imported Rhino models, because no one knows how to model our boats (speed boats hulls) in Maxsurf!!! But, my main interest in AC yachts.. They are beautiful shapes!!!

    I see an AC example design within Maxsurf, but, I would like to see an example of 'double-kuckles' bows yachts etc, like the latest AC designs.... because I could play a round and learn at the same time!!!

    Does anyone know an example like it for Maxsurf??? Where I can download a typical model, etc?? It will be a fantastic help!!

    Also, the for various NACA profiles for keel designs etc, of control grids?? I can see a couple of examples in the demo file too, but, I would like to accurate model others...

    It's a fantastic program and well done to the developers!!

    If anyone can help, please send me some links??
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    Something like this maybe?

    Maxsurf was used by 7 of the 10 syndicates in the last cup, including Alinghi and TNZ, however this design is a generic representation of the boats that competed in the 03 cup without being a specific design from any syndicate.

    If you would like a copy of the Maxsurf file, please email me at

    Regarding foil sections, if the standard surface templates are not suitable, you can use Maxsurf's fit edge to markers command to fit the edge of a surface to aerofoil ordinates. Alternatively if you have an aerofoil in Rhino you could import into Maxsurf and modify it there.

    Why is it that you don't know how to model speedboat hulls in Maxsurf, it should be straightforward if not trivial. There should be no excuse for using Rhino in this case, Maxsurf will give you much better surface control and control of fairness than the lofting option in Rhino will.

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    Yes please!! I have send you an email

    Thanks for your suggestion Andy!!

    I will be using the Maxsurf more as soon as I have learnt the modelling tools!! I have to learn in my own free time. But, for now please send me the Maxsurf file so that I could study it and learn from it??


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