Above the water line paint,No primer?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wrbowcal, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I have been working on my boat for 2 months straight and I am getting close the gel coating and painting stage.My question is can I get away without using primer above the waterline? The paint is a high performance polyurethane top coat made by endura high ISO VOC but great paint.I would just like to clean,sand and shoot it with topcoat.The boat is a 2750 and I really don't want to have to sand the primer.Here's a link to the paint if will help.


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    ....all depends on just how nice a job you wish to end up with, the gelcoat is quite porous, it will most likely show imperfections in the linear urethane, which has an exceptional ability to be very glossy if done right. The two pack undercoat will fill these minute imperfections and allow a better spray finish......but you already knew that anyhow didn't you....do it once and do it right.
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    Very difficult to produce a good job without a primer coat. Red will be particularly challenging. Awlgrip or any 2 part is applied very thin. Any surface imperfection or surfacing filler will show thru.

    Also the primer makes the topcoat paint flow better and allows you to judge topcoat film thickness. Primer is much easier to sand than topcoat...go primer, put a heavy coat on, two times around...sand flat with 320 paper , wash with soap and water , then topcoat, two times around. Either spray or brush roller, this is how the Pro's do it.
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