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    I read with interest your thoughts about recruiters

    The marine industry that provides our incomes is high specialized and small in proportion to the amount of money it generates. Usually there are more jobs than trained/skilled people to fill them.
    Because of this a whole new creed of untrained, unprofessional opportunists have like fungas in the dark sprouted thinking they can use us to make a buck.

    My point is the industry and the employees should not support these single individuals working in kitchen offices instead stay with the established known big names that know the industry and understand the requirments, offer us long term committments and conduct themselves professionally and maintain confidentiality.

    I recently had an experience with a recruiter thats promoting her biz as marine specialist, wanted me to forward my CV and personal details before providing any details, job description etc. Thats not how it's done.

    Chartered Naval Architect or junior tradesman before sending of your details you are intitled to have details of the job and package.
    Recruiters that hold back are only interested in protecting their sources not your future or where you end up.

    There endith the lecture....swabbie
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    yeah you have a point, but due to the increase of global competition to our profession, it is hard to be hired on the big companies with a big name, and for those who have no expirience yet (newly grads) it will be difficult for them to get a good job from a good company.

    I'm not saying your wrong "Im on your side". the only thing that we need to put on to our mind is that be careful of the recruiters who are giving promises especially people from the middle east. always look for the company's profile and expirience.
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    Hi Swabbie,

    I am from NZ and have seen a couple of posts by NZ recruiters who I know are generalist -definitely not marine specialist recruiters. NZ is too small to just work solely in the boating sector.

    I have also seen a number of roles adertised in the UAE & elsewhere for superyacht roles with little or no info provided.
    the simple answer to that is quite often most clients gives you a list of job titles and when you ask for details - like hours, salary, is accom provided,what about O/t etc, they either answer slowly, grudgingly or not at all. Unprofessional behaviour from departments calling themselves Human Resource Departments, but that is the reality. Most times they will not give a firm answer on turnaround either - if a Cv is submitted, when will it be considered and a yes or no given?

    However, if anyone would like to contact me in regards to Superyacht Fitout roles in UAE, please send me your details so I can work out if we are in the right ballpark - no use applying for superyacht work if you work in a small mass market production house,but it might be if you build fine furniture for upmarket hotels, and are keen to work in the boating sector.

    I have all those roles on my books too - Design Manager, uphostery Manager, Senior QS or Estimator, Planner, Design Coordinator, Fitout Supervisor, Contract Administrator, Painting manager.

    I also have 10 years engineering and technical recruitment experience in NZ and Australia, and have located composites guys for Sensation Yachts, Project Managers for Babcocks Shipbuilding to service technicians for a yanmar dealer and although a "newbie" I crew whenever i get a chance on 30 to 40 foot keelboats. (recent convert from powerboats)

    email carey.marsh AT enterprise DOT co DOT nz and I can see if I can help - if not, I get to "meet " another interesting person.

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