About ShipConstructor and Nupas Cadmatic?

Discussion in 'Software' started by onurtahmaz, Jul 19, 2011.

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    onurtahmaz New Member

    I'm a student in Turkey. Naval architecture and marine engineering department. I plan to use this programs in my finishing project and I believe that it would be helpful for me in my project and in business life.. I know rhino and Solidworks for industrial design and mold but but they are not very useful for large ships about the file size and complicated assemblies. Catia is good but it's so slow.

    i couldn't decide to use which one.

    My first problem is the license. Autocad have a educational license(No fee).

    Which program have a educational license with no fee?
    Which one is so fast for design container ships?
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    What size of vessel are you looking to work with? Solidworks can handle up to about 30m with fairly detailed structure - though you might have to be careful with your unit breakdown - it depends about on the workstation you're working on.

    I don't believe ShipConstructor has an education license as standard but you could contact a reseller, likely http://www.ds-t.com/ for turkey - they might be able to help you.

    ShipConstructor currently is a 2011 release so you'll need to get the matching version of AutoCAD, which isn't the easist from Autodesk unless you have a subscription.

    Ah - you've said you want to use it for a container ship, you'd certainly have a job doing that in solidworks. You might be okay if you kept your references and structure simple enough. I think speedwise you'd find that whichever one you know how to use would be the fastest, ShipConstructor can be picked up pretty quickly but I'm not sure how much time you have if you're already studying other things and doing project work.
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