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    All <those> pontificating about the problems experienced with K777 need to remember BLUEBIRD SANK AT LAKE MEAD IN 1955. Which is not surprising considering during NORMAL operation in 1955 (as shown in the above film) Bluebird was almost a submarine anyway. <They> also need to remember THE ORIGINAL BLUEBIRD COULD NOT EVEN GET ON PLANE AT ALL and that when the Beryl was replaced with the Orpheus BLUEBIRD COULD NOT GET ON PLANE until trial and error to place the ballast.

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    IMHO it would perhaps have been more appropriate for the Helical team to have made their own boat work properly

    You only have to look at the great thick slabs of aluminium used everywhere, even for for such simple items as fuel tank brackets, whilst remembering that K7 is notoriously sensitive to weight and balance and it becomes clear that they never really understood the problem. Now where did they stow the ton of batteries for the electric start?
    I'm only a plumber from Cannock..."

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