A useless formula (froude displacement formula)

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Mik the stick, Jan 17, 2013.

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    Aren't you mixing up length-based Froude number and depth-based here?
    In deep water there is nothing special about Fr=1; however, there is for finite depth with Frh = U/sqrt(g*h) where h is the water depth.
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    For Frosty's benefit, I tried to water it down into a reasonable simple, easy enough to understand format, admittedly distorting things in the process. And yes, I completely ignored the affects of water depth.
  3. Frosty

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    Mick the ... You came and asked a reasonable question. Within 5 posts you were congratulated for making silly threads and par said you were not intelligent enough to understand the answer. I attacked them and now you insult me for standing up for you?

    There is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid answers which is what they gave you

    However it seems Par is correct, I don't think you have the intelligence to understand Froude--

    And it seems neither does Par unless its read from his book and then he gets it wrong. If he understood it he would know that he was writing it incorrectly.

    I could'nt care less about Froude just the overwhelming stink of testosterone.

    And you Mick-- my friend would not be able top say the word Froude so stick to mackerel fishing in Cornwall.
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    This is the post I apparently insulted you with Mik. At the very least I confused Frosty, who hasn't kept up with your attempts to understand some of the concepts. Of course, the way I read it and they way I think you received it was there's some work to do, which you do seem to be applying effort to. Unfortunately, Frosty hasn't this capacity (as his latest post below shows), unless it can be found in a beer, which is likely involved with his posts.

    Further into his dribble,

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with my Froude description, Frosty, but you wouldn't know the difference if you tripped over it. Leo is correct in that Frh = U/√(g*h), but entering this subtlety to something you, as well as Mik already have difficulty with, is just a nuance that's not necessary for the description of a Froude number. Hey Frosty, there's even more subtleties and nuances to Froude, that I've left out, would you care to elaborate which these might be?

    Now, you (Frosty) have digressed, seeing as even the original poster (Mik) has figured your game out and you've stooped to insulting him as well. So, why are you here Frosty?

    My apologies Mik, we have a few like Frosty on every discussion site, though honestly, this site is the only with this issue, that I still contribute. Mik you're coming along and picking things up. I've seen this before too and it's a welcome addition - folks willing to learn.
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    Your understanding of Froude is apparently superior to anybody else's (probably including Froude himself...), so why don't you explain it to us?
  6. Frosty

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    I would gladly but you would need a certain understand in the concept before this could be adequately explained. As par has said a modicum of the basics would be required.
  7. PAR
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    Sorenfdk, he couldn't spell Froude, let alone realize that every hydraulic engineer uses it regularly. His need for flow dynamic understanding, is how well the opening in the can allows beer to dump into his gullet. In fact, using Froude, he likely helped develop the wide mouth bottle.
  8. Frosty

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    Just been looking at your blog This is you Par, the one on the left I assume . Thats a beer drinkers face if ever I saw one.

    I see you spend quite a bit on hair dye. I could never understand why you old guys do that. You cant get away with it you know.

    Nice picture,---- the one on the left looks intelligent too.

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  9. Lister

    Lister Previous Member

    Thank Frosty, you are right.
    So this is my question: Why are you drinking so heavily and so soon the morning, knowing it make your frustrations about everyone going through the roof ???????
    Now I expect a (stupid) answer from you. And be sober please, it is a serious question.
    And to put you on the mood, may God help you.
  10. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Hy Lister. Do you know what a Newt is. Well its an English lizard with a terrible reputation for drinking when in fact as you would imagine it does'nt drink at all. As in pissed as a Newt.

    You can see a drinker His face is all blotchy and horrible.

    And Lister the world is turning and you see America is way over on the west and that means different people are in different times because the sun-------go ask your mum.

    Its not morning for me its late evening 11 pm infact,-- good night.
  11. Lister

    Lister Previous Member

    Point taken. Good night
  12. PAR
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    That picture posted of me is about 15 years old. My face isn't blotchy (never has been), I haven't a drinking problem (that nose tells all) and have obviously never used a hair die either. I would think your mentioning of these things, are typical of diversion tactics, which of course, are relative to what's familiar in your life. So, how long have you been masking you blotchy, alcohol affected complexion and dieing your hair Frosty?
  13. Lister

    Lister Previous Member

    Taking a profile picture and making disgraceful remark about it, it is a disgrace.
    It will tell the forum people to stay hidden, and that not the right way to go, nor I suppose the way this forum intended to be.

    Well, thanks Frosty to show us a new low.
    After the private communication published on the forum, now personal attack on picture. Impressive sense of human understanding.
    The moderator deleted some of my posts for far less than that. I had a failing out with a member. With some distance, I think the moderator was right after all.
    Probably Frosty is the old crazy goop of the family, and his sick rambling are tolerated.

    God bless you all
  14. Number4

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    Dear Mr PAR,
    Thank you very much for contributing to boatdesign.net.
    It gives me great pleasure to read your posts.
    My tiny brain is certainly a little wiser after having read them.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best Wishes,

  15. PAR
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    I'm not harmed or bothered by Frosty. As I mentioned, there's always one or two of this type, on a discussion forum. They tend to make themselves irrelevant with their own contributions. What Frosty fails to note, are the previous threads this particular poster has made, with similar questions about power prediction formulas, engine selection processes, stability concerns & calculations, etc. Unlike Frosty, I've managed to keep track of Mik's efforts to learn and he's shown he has picked up some of the concepts, unlike Frosty, who's content being in the dark about what he comments on.
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