A "Sharpie" Marker for Antifouling?

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by alex folen, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. alex folen
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    alex folen Flynpig


    At the dock I hear some speaking of using a “Sharpie” marker to prevent biofouling, specifically on props of all types. Google says some of these markers may have cresol which I think may be the only antifouling component, the others ingredients just alcohols and unknown proprietary pigments. He marks up his prop front and rear and swears by it. Lasts years. Anybuddy hear the same or similar?

    …just remembered that one.

  2. mark775

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    Wouldn´t THAT be ironic - that with all of the research dollars spent, all the Balto-Plate burnished, etc., That a felt marker would solve the problem. In general, I have found biocide type antifoulants ( E-paint, capsaicin ) to be not that good when compared to heavy metal but have been impressed by the sharpie still being on the prop a year later when my prop guy writes on it. If it works, I hope I can do my underwater parts with a broad point...
  3. Frosty

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    Ive heard of it and ive seen it done, I cant say I agree.

    I guess we all read global boating magazines these days.
  4. alex folen
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    alex folen Flynpig

    Yeah, that’s funny! My friend said, “$169.00” is still visible on his stainless steel prop bought about 6 years ago. Of course, not as bold as it was fresh, but still there! He said it was a reminder not to go shallow. He also pulls it out of the water. However, we don’t know if the price was written on there with a sharpie. Well that’s a cheap experiment! …When I pull my sailboat and do the fresh bottom you’ll see a several black squares about 4” dia., and a couple smaller on the brass prop. By the way, I overheard it was a “black” marker specifically. I’ll also try red and blue just because.
  5. Frosty

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    Ok --you've talked me into it.

  6. safewalrus
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    MMMMMMmmmmmm Guess the next thing will be somebody suggesting you keep the boat outa the water, now THAT might work!
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