A row-sail, any sense?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by yigitozturk, Apr 22, 2018.

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    I was lately watching a lot of videos from well-known R2AK event and they touch my inner sailor a lot. Hopefully one day I can participate in this great event and have a good taste of challenge.

    There is already one rowing-sailboat participated to R2AK by Liteboats and it is an inspiring craft. But it is more of a row-boat than a sailing one, at least that is why I understand from the videos from and articles.

    As I mentioned before I am no boat-designer, just an humble architect but I really like to think about opportunities for free ourselves from boundaries especially in design. So I gave a try to it and put some things together to get your valuable feedback and ideas about if it is really possible and feasible to have such a craft.

    We have our beautiful Aegean cost for exploring and gungholing, if not R2AK it will be also a fine craft to have around here. I am sharing some images of my sketch and two videos from the event I have mentioned.

    row_sail_1.jpg row_sail_2.jpg row_sail_3.jpg



    Liteboats participant:

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    Sail will take you places long after your arms are holding you from ransom, in relief of replacements after they've worn out. Oars will very slowly get you moving, after the air has left you becalmed. As a rule, a fine pulling boat will be much less suited for sail propulsion, though it is possible. A fine sailing boat is generally too fat for also using as a pulling boat, though (again) it is possible.
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