a replacement or two, or three for the HMS Bounty?

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    BOUNTY (EDINBURGH TRADER) miniature being readied for sinking scene.
    EDINBURGH TRADER set in P2. Off-camera side, unfinished and used as landing stage for the busy crews.
    What it takes to make a several hundred million dollar film, lots of industry and support equipment.
    Broken in half by the 'Kraken' with stunt man at work. Notice Camera Grip on camera crane platform, itself on a rolling barge.
    The last one is one more reason they build sets instead of boats.
    These are interesting because they show a good bit of what the BOUNTY was like, as dressed for the film's at-sea scenes, in 2005, since these were exact copies where you could see them. The sails were salvaged from MASTER AND COMMANDER and were full weight, heavy. I know because my job was to handle them along with a couple other puny wimps like me.

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