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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by marek.dziezok@g, Apr 28, 2014.

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    Hi Everybody

    Over last 10 years, I in the back of my head I had a thought or rather a dream of building a sailing boat, this Year I have made a decision of actually doing it and also so much more. I want to commission a European leading design team In naval architecture to produce plans for something that has not been achieved before, and for that I need an opinion of expieriance sailors. I would like You All, forum users to help me out in creating that dream by filling in a short survey that I need for myself – to let me answer some simple questions.

    Please click on the link below and fill in the blanks


    Best regards
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    Excuse my presumption but this seems more like a commercial survey than an attempt to focus your golden dreams go to get the illusion of a lifetime.
    If I'm wrong, please forgive me. Otherwise, be honest with us and you clarify your intentions.
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    I can totally understand that this looks like a commercial survey, and also can absolutlly understand your perception, however, I am not a big commercial company, I am at the stage of planing the bigger picture, I was always sailing on a rented boats with different crews as most of us. The big dream is to have something of my own, however to achieve this I need design, and if doing the design, why not built more boats and instead of working all my life for somebody else, why not get a move on and do something for myself.
    My intentions are clear, I am quite happy to keep the forum posted on the progress of the project, however project like this can not be done solo, and best expertise can be only done by experienced people - that is the only reason for me to ask for help on the forum.
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    The survey, if completed by forum members, will be meaningless. It would be a subjective set of answers that may or may not be applicable to your own needs and desires.

    In arriving at a decision about your boat you must first consider what is important to you. The first step in the process is to write up a list of what you want. That list is commonly called an SOR.

    Your naval architect will examine the list and tell you what you can and can not have and also discuss the approximate costs of some of the individual components and features. The list will include: power plant, electric generation, air conditioning, hydraulics, anchor gear, winches, galley accommodations, head, shower, water tankage, Nav gear, fuel tankage, sail inventory, type of rig, and more. You may not actually know what you will need but that is where the NA is your valuable asset. He/she will guide you in selection and implementation of the various requirements that you have included on your list.

    Your original post, above, says that you want something that has not been achieved before. Please clarify, as best you can, what you mean by that remark. That statement raises some storm warnings in the minds of experienced forum members. You can have a boat that is modestly different but not radically so.
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    I agree with the two posts above.
    But in fact nothing about the survey matches what I want and the questions are so general as to mean nothing.
    What I want, of course, is a nearly free, 20' boat that hits 30 kts under sail with enough provisions to go Translantic, single handed, etc, etc.
    Something impossible in fact.

    Did that help?
    Sorry for being sarcastic, but all you asked was what size I want and how much money I have to spend.

    I forgot it has to be ecologically sensitive and use no lead or petrochemicals.
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    Thank you for the answer, really appreciate it. I shall try to explain myself one more time – with the dream that I have decided to follow, as some of You guys on this forum, I have decided to build a boat that would be perfect for myself… totally understandable. It might be worth admitting that I am a carpenter to trade with last 3 years of managing building sites in construction industry. Since being on a silly salary there is no chance of buying something like Discovery 57 or the bigger one, it would be a wise decision to get plans for such a boat. Thinking further, I have decided that building 55 footer is going to be expensive for my pocket – pretty obvious – few weeks later there was another thought, what if I would create a vessel that would be 45 to 50 foot long with performance of 60 footer but not compromising on comfort or handling as well as easy to sail singlehandedly and at the same time under 100k GBP.
    That is my goal, for that need a few fellow sailors to fill in the survey to see if this is only me day dreaming or if the figures of the survey add up together.
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    Marek, sorry for being straightforward and perhaps harsh. If you want all of these things on a same boat, then yes - you are daydreaming.
    Each one of the things you have mentioned are in competition and often in conflict with each other. Unless you have a different definition of the words performance, compromise, comfort, handling and cost. Performance is at odds with the comfort, and often with ease of handling too. All three of them are at odds with the economy. The mediator between these conflicting requirments is called compromise, and you always have to live with several of them.
    And finally, a 45-50 ft boat will perform as a 45-50 ft boat, everything else being equal. If you want the performance of a 60 ft boat, you have to buy or make a 60 ft boat. There is no way around that fact.
  8. Navygate

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    This is one whacked out thread.
    You can buy the boat of your dreams if you watch for a deal.
    They come up all the time in boatland cheap, cheap, cheap.
    OR, just get yourself a row boat or kayak and get out on the water, you'll enjoy yourself more than reading meaningless surveys!
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    A 100K boat travels at about 5.0 knots, on average.

    What are you thinking for an annual operating budget. The present value of the operating cost is usually more than the construction cost. Or it should be, in my opinion.

    Pretend you are going to take a thirty year loan on the boat. How would you want to divvy the purchase cost vs the operating cost?
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    I only have asked for a bit of a help, which was to fill out a survey, that is one of the steps for me, clearly I can see that is to much to ask. I appreciate some of your comments and for those who seem to be 24/7 pessimists, well ... good lack to you with your life's
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    Doubtful that the hull alone could be done for $100K in aluminum or Airex , probably the best one off materials.

    The budget is a BIG problem as most NA price by what a completed boat built as a gold plater would cost.

    As a nice one off built by say Abeking abd Rasmussen would easily top $1,000,000,,, the NA would be looking for your $100K to sharpen his pencil.

  12. messabout
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    Marek; I don't think that any of us want to rain on your parade. The ugly reality is that a 50 foot boat is beyond the financial capacity of the majority of us. It is not just the initial cost of the boat but the keeping of it that is costly, more than we want to imagine.

    Go to a marina and discover the cost of mooring the boat. Go to a boat yard and discover what it costs to have a big boat hauled, scraped, and have the bottom painted with some sort of anti fouling. Check out the cost of engine maintenance, sail maintenance, and that kind of thing.

    If you can lower your sights to a smaller boat of 30 to 35 feet, you can get a decent one well within your budget. A boat that size will get you across the channel or down the coast, into the Med, or to the Azores if you like. It will still cost plenty to maintain but not nearly as much as a 50 footer.

    Building a boat may be well within your capability but the build will take more time than you can believe at this point. It might take ten years to build that 50 footer.That is not an exaggeration, it is a matter of well documented reality.
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