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    Need parts? Just let me know what your looking for... (Chris Craft and Greymarine stuff)
    I take that ugly drivesaver off for boat shows and never really noticed any damage, even after hits... I check the alignment of the engine to the shaft each time (2 to 3 time per month) Might the drivesaver be oversized for my conditions?
    Also there's no room for it to fail... Isn't this another problem?
    Yes, I do have a neighbor with a lathe... And Dad's got a mill (2 miles away)

    Sorry about the dam...
    Way to technical for me too, but interesting none the less...
    Well, whatever is different between the prop I have/use and the one's I've tried (ie. a different 12 x 14 tried at Clear Lake, my 13" props, etc.), I'd really like to know...
    Yes an ugly rudder, but true to origin...
    That uglier coupling always get forgotten about... I know I should do something about that, but the prop shop called and I'll soon forget again... (winter project? hopefully)
    Those safety wires...
    Well, I put a tapered drive coupling on my father-in-law's boat and he got knocked at the next boat show he attended for it... We had to take that new coupling off, drill and tap 3/8" deep dummies for looks like they're there set screws and safety wire...
    Don't use never-seize? Thanks, didn't know I shouldn't...
    Don't need the cotter-pin? Really... Could someone else confirm?
    The drivesaver... I have to take that stupid thing off for boat shows, but it gives me a chance to check alignment... Should I just not use it at all?
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