A new maritime hazard ? Unmanned drones.

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    "The team's low-cost unmanned surface vessel, dubbed the SeaKIT, is designed to map the seafloor over long periods of time, in all kinds of environments, without human intervention. "


    But, it IS planning to provide better chart information.

    "A four-year competition to help unravel the mysteries of the deep sea has drawn to a close ...
    team GEBCO-NF triumphed, with its vehicle designed to autonomously survey the seafloor over long periods of time...
    "We have better maps of the surface of Mars than we do of our own seafloor," said XPrize CEO Peter Diamandis when launching the Shell Ocean Discovery XPrize in 2015. ..

    Following the competition, XPrize has also announced a partnership with Seabed 2030, an initiative to collate all available bathymetric data to build a definitive map of Earth's ocean floor by the year 2030."

    Autonomous mapping vessel takes out Ocean Discovery XPrize https://newatlas.com/autonomous-mapping-ocean-discovery-xprize/59957/
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    Gerroff my sea floor! ;)
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    There are already gliders and bobbing drift buoys everywhere, at least this one has AIS.
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    A while back there was a now gone question about boating news from Flanders, so I've posted the below, don't know how they're doing now...

    (quote from the thread: Beginners Guide To Boating Stuff!post #202)

    ‘‘ Flanders is going to have an unmanned boat to cross the Atlantic, in May 2019 the vessel Mahi is planed to depart from the west coast of France for a trip to Guadeloupe. (Dutch link)


    English link: ‘‘ Flemish engineers aim to cross the Atlantic in automated boat. . . . . The first project to be supported by the new platform is the Mahi, a drone ship powered by solar energy that is scheduled to cross the ocean in May 2019. . . . . ’’

    On Twitter, partly in Dutch, partly in English: Project MahiVideo ’’

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