A new International One Design Mini 5.80m is proposed by McIntyre

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Dolfiman, Mar 11, 2020.

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    Nice concept. Straightforward rig. Hope its self righting with a good margin. I was a bit puzzled that it says twin daggerboards downwind when it also seems to have a fixed bulb keel, maybe it means twin rudders?
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    There is an interesting story about this.
    In 1986, Polish designer Janusz Maderski (see http://www.maderski.pl/index.html ) designed a 5m centerboard cabin boat, named Setka (that means "a hundred"). Later, in 1991, a keel version was created.
    In 2012 Maderski proposed a single-handed race in Setka across the Atlantic. Three boats took part, two of them eventually started, both finished.
    The winner was Szymon Kuczyński, who later sailed non-stop around the world in 6.3m long boat. Maderski himself finished second, only 34 hours later.

    Since then, race is organized every 4 years. The second edition was in 2016, the third is planned this year. Before the race in 2016 Janusz designed a new version of Setka, with more modern hull shape. This version proved much faster in the race.

    Recently, Janusz called the attention of McIntyre Adventure to the idea of the ocean race of one-design, DIY wooden boats. The Mini 580 is actually geometrically enlarged Setka. I obviously like the idea and hope for many participants interested in such a formula.


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    Here below a lot more details about this One design 5.80 m. The typical loading for an ocean crossing is estimated 575 kg and the AVS is 142° (quite high value, with which loading ?) :
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