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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by ken@aerocat, Jan 10, 2009.

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    ken@aerocat junior member

    Hi, Just signed-up to Boat Design to ask you guys for some help. We have a new concept in power catamarans and need your thoughts on how to improve the web site so that folks who land on the site "get it" right away.

    We have developed what we think is the first assembled (as opposed to molded) cored hull. The idea is we can provide a state of the art professionally built catamaran hull to the guy who always wanted to build an offshore boat but just doesn't have the time or expertise to start such a project. Here, someone with good homeowner-repair skills can get the hull and finish it themselves in any configuration at a very reasonable price.

    The design uses 4'x8' cored panels laminated together to form one piece that spans the entire length of the boat, from 20 to 26 feet long with a "smooth as gel coat" outer finish.

    On our annual trip to IBEX this year we were told by two of the top professionals in the core business that the building technique has never been done before. Sorry, can't say anything more about the design until the lawyer finishes shuffling the papers for a patent.

    To summarize, we don't have any problems building the hulls but building the web site into something that an amateur boat builder can comprehend is driving us nuts. Help please. The address is www.aerocatboats.com.
  2. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    You offer nothing on engines and engine options for each hull. A buyer will look for this asap. post pricing so buyers can determine if they want to go another way. Do you offer an outboard option? info-info-info.
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    HOOKED.UP New Member

    You do not explain how your system or build method is new or user friendly.

    As RASORINC says, there is nothing about power systems.

    Your site really does not tell us that much, yet.


    Boat Builder of 37 years experience.
  4. foilcats
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    foilcats Stephen Snedden

    Menu is hard to see but boats lok good, needs a foil
  5. foxfish
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    I love the idea though - good luck to you.
  6. marshmat
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    marshmat Senior Member

    Hi Ken,

    I can see that you've been working hard on the website.

    Rasorinc and Hookedup (Paul) have both asked for more info on powering. I see there's a bit there near the bottom of the Tech Info page where you recommend a pair of Evinrude 115s. It would be nice to have more details on what power is suitable- ie, what limits there are on engine weight, minimum recommended and maximum allowed power, etc. and, for a performance boat, power options probably deserve their own page.

    Kelsall has been designing for many years now with resin-infused, foam-cored panels that are then bent into place and assembled. I've never heard of a Kelsall being built with nidacore, though. I wouldn't put too much faith in core salespeople without double- and triple-checking the engineering yourself. The limiting factor on small craft is often the puncture resistance of the outer skin, which the core companies' design guides don't seem to account for. The claw end of a 24oz ripping hammer can often go right through a skin that a core supplier said was OK for even a relatively large boat.

    I would highly recommend putting your actual laminate schedule on the site, so your potential buyers can see what they're getting. When a builder isn't willing to talk about his laminate schedule, buyers often view that as a red flag that perhaps he has something to hide. At the last Toronto boat show, Regal had a board covered with through-hull cutout scraps from all over one of their hulls, so you could see exactly what was in there- buyers loved it. Several other dealers I talked to didn't even know what parts of their hulls were cored, which drew a lot of skeptical "hmmms" from no-longer-interested clients.

    It would be really nice to see some drawings on the site. Home builders like to customize; posting a standard lines drawing in letter-size PDF or other high-resolution format would give them something they can print out, sketch on, and dream about while they try to decide if yours is the right boat for them.

    Good luck getting (and defending) the patent. Few small builders seem to bother with this anymore; it's just too easy for some competitor to build almost the same thing, claim 10% design difference, and copy your work with impunity.
  7. JohnnyO
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    Below Deck Fuel Tanks (2)-19 Gallon Polypropylene Fuel Tanks

    You won't make it out of the breakwater very far with only 38gallons........ Almost ALL offshore fishing boats have ATLEAST 100gallon capacity... 200-300 is typical.

  8. Polypropylene honeycomb for all the hull? are you sure this is ISO compliant? not sure about. We use to build cats with extensively use of Nidacore-Hexacor poly Honeycomb but not on bottom under water where we use solid glass as designer states this material isn't ISO compliant for planning hulls on 20+ footer.

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  9. CML UK Ltd
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    CML UK Ltd GRP & FRP Plugs Mouldings

    There might be a bit too much information on your homepage. Trim it down and add some of the menu tabs as links i.e. a gallery link would be good on the pocket trawler page. Users view webpages in a "Z" pattern so the contact number might be better placed in the bottom right hand corner.

    I like the changing picture on your front page but someone who isn't as confident might find it hard to grasp the concept without a static visual reference.

    Anyway sounds like there is still some tweaking left to do but from a user perspective thats my thoughts.

    Oh and dont forget website statistics! who looks at what for how long etc. etc.
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