A Memorial for those lost at sea

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    As a regular reader of the many threads found on this site I am constantly impressed by the accumulated wisdom and knowledge of those who frequent this small part of the Internet Universe. It's easy to see that most of you enjoy your chosen field of endeavor, and yet you somehow manage to find the time to help others. Is it the love of the sea, or the craft that sail upon her that engenders this kinship among men and women from so many different parts of the world? It's hard to say what draws us together to share this part of our lives.

    Unfortunately our love of boats and the many waters they sail on has a dark side, and it is that every once in a while we lose one of our own.

    In the last few months the small fishing community I live in has lost two fine men to the sea. On July 4th my dear friend Richard "Dick" Boyce slipped and fell overboard never to be seen again. Despite the best efforts of his daughter and the other fishing boats nearby, they were unable to rescue or recover this kind and gentle soul. One of my best friends for over 30 years is now gone, and I will miss him greatly.


    And now just a few days ago another good man has slipped under the waves forever, after he too fell overboard. Again they were unable to rescue him in time to avert disaster, and once more our community will grieve, sharing in this tragic loss along with his family. Ted was one of those rare men who never had anything but a smile on his face whenever you met him, and he will be sorely missed.


    Please join with me in remembering those who have lost their lives to the sea.

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    Our condolances to the families & the people of your town for those they lost to the sea.

    There are those to, like Hugo Hein and Phil Harris men of the sea who's life is the sea that pass all to early. They leave behind a legacy to those that go to sea for the joy of sailing or to earn their wage by fishing.
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    The Bounty lost at sea

    As has been noted in at least one or two other threads here the repilica ship Bounty has been lost at sea along with two of her crew.

    Missing is the Bounty's longtime captain, Robin Walbridge.

    Sadly, the body of the second person, deckhand Claudine Christian, was found Monday evening.

    My condolences to their family and friends.

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    A fair while ago, jehardiman posted a link to a site that listed the latest numbers of lives lost at sea. It was a very sobering list, but I can't remember the site or the post.
    IIRC, we could be singing "the Weeping Song" for dozens of sailors and passengers every week.
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