A mainsail without boom

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Alexander UA, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Donald, some of the Stiletto catamaran's used full batten boomless mains, and I had one on a 24' trimaran I used to have. It worked great, was a full batten slab reefed and even had lazyjacks. It had a thick bottom batten that served as a fastening point for the extra lines. It was quite fast and seemed easier to handle than the boomed main I replaced it with. I would certainly consider using one again.

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    This thread is also interesting as the one re chines...I built a plastic version of old Malibu Outrigger and used a boom, but the sail, is loose-footed without battens and attached long mast with hood and loop...(csrbon spars) and seems to do fine. My only serious complaint so far is the sail drags in water, wet, so plan to try jacks to preclude wet main...boom wishbone or other, seems nec to really control foot and shape, to me...

    I might add the idea of simple is worth noting, per rig use...O's Razor applies to sailing often. Like wings, love them but they are very impractical, like foils...to me.
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