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Discussion in 'Education' started by SailingCop, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Howdy y'all!

    This was originaly posted in the Education area, but due to the fact that I could not seem to get any assistance with my questions I thought I would post it here.

    I just thought I would write in and express a need for some educational assistance.

    I am new to this site so I thought a little information about myself was in order. I am a proud father of five wonderful children, I work nights as a corrections officer to pay the bills and put some victules on the table. As the only provider of income for my family I struggle at times to make ends meet, but overall I feel I have a happy life and am rich beyond compare with the love and encouragement I receive from my wife and children.

    Now on to my questions.

    I would like to design yachts. I have many designs at sea in my lobes that have not been done yet, and I feel would have a viable market, particularly to the more historical minded sailors whom also don't compromise in the area of modern comforts and convieniences. How can I possibly see these ideas to fruition?!

    I have looked into Westlawn extensively. I have contacted many yacht design firms and yacht builders, using my soft Texan charms to wrangle discussions with the owners of said firms and builders about the merits of the Westlawn education. So far I have come away with a very good impression of the oppertunities available. I would be willing to persue other educational routes that fit within my financial, time, and location parameters, but I do not know where to find these other routes.

    What would any of the more educated and knowledgeable individuals on this fine site reccomend for me? I am afraid I cannot attend any of the engineer schools, as I have a family to provide for. However, I have ample time to work on a correspondence course during my working hours.

    What can I do to get involved in an industry that I so passionately want to be a part of, so that I can possibly provide for my children more abundantly? I would even be willing to work part-time in my home and continue my current employment just to see one of my ideas cruising along with the wind in her sail.

    Any help would be welcome and greatly appreciated.

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    SailingCop Westlawn is your best choice (some of the best designers have done it) it will give you a good grounding, supplement this with books and other material and your away, but be under no illusion it takes time and commitment. If you are committed and good at the work opportunities will follow, but the course could be it’s own reward.
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