a lesser Downeast lobster boat

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ted burke, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Am looking for a about a 28' Downeast style lobster boat for overnighting on the Maine coast. Love the overall look but the hull design features that enable them to safely motor into big seas or be a stable work platform at rest in swells tending a lobster trap- add to weight, price, and fuel use.

    Can anyone suggest some older (20 year old) FG semi-displacement models with:
    * less than large approx. 8" radius soft chines, like 2-3" radius
    * keel & skeg, but perhaps less than a massive straight, full length keel
    * a bottom which rises at a very small angle from midships toward the transom, for higher speed, economy and less bow-up at speed
    * a less rugged hull which is not designed to take maximum commercial abuse
    * requiring less than a huge engine to get 14 kn economical cruising, 18 kn maximum.

    Appreciate any comments.
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