A ground effect boat: The super Boo

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    Hello fellow engineers,

    Groud effect is still in development phase and not too much used.
    In short: you create a pressure wave between two hulls that gives extralift.

    Do you like it? I do.
    I have worked on the AC boats and had a proposal for a design with more ground effect.
    Will be even faster. I do not like the duck legged boats at the moment although they are very fast.
    Aerodynamic Boat 'Lili' Saves 50% Fuel By Flying Over Water! - TheSuperBOO! https://www.thesuperboo.com/aerodynamic-boat-lili/

    Designed by a french company called advanced aerodynamic vessels.
    HOME - Advanced Aerodynamic Vessels https://www.aavessels.com/
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    I'll wait for the safety trials before getting on one. Once you start getting to those speeds, the hazard starts to increase! The video only shows it on relatively calm, obstacle free water.

    Water speed record - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_speed_record

    Once you reach a certain speed, all you need is one hard wave, or one animal getting in the way. 100km/h starts to be the speed that a hydrofoil gets cavitation. You don't want to crash into the water at that speed!
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