A few questions about an ocean worthy raft

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by boatbuilder44, May 27, 2015.

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    Rastapop Naval Architect

    You're being sarcastic, right? So hard to tell with text only...

    OP, take a trip 250 miles offshore in rough weather, you'll likely be able to answer all of your questions yourself afterwards ;)
  2. fredrosse
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    Is this from a young child?

    The proposed design looks like it might come from a child playing with Google Sketchup software. It is clear that whoever is proposing this concept has no experience with building anything, let alone a floating house in the North Atlantic!

    Also no experience with being on the water, and no concept of solitary confinement in a prison cell for extended periods, this proposal would certainly qualify for "cruel and sadistic" confinement. Being out there on the ocean is so very absurd that a grown up would never consider this as anything but playful imanagation.

    But then, it may just be some joker trying to light up some humorous response from the forum. That is probably the real situation.
  3. Mr Efficiency
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    It's a John McEnroe job, he "cannot be serious" !
  4. boatbuilder44
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  5. ch3oh
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    Maybe because it did. So did lots of other vessels that aren't suitable for offshore. Maybe it was far enough to see only 20kt winds for a few hours. You should expect to see 30 knots for weeks, 45 for days. How deep is the water where you plan to live? What's so Xtreme about it, the constant agony? Are you going to stick some energy drink stickers around and film your life with some GoPros to make a cool indie documentary? Is the 250 mile distance needed to get outside 200 nm zone for legal reasons? Are you planning a cult or maybe building a casino or distillery or producing drugs or having your own micronation?
  6. bregalad
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    bregalad Senior Member

    You'll likely do a lot of fishing 250 miles offshore.

    Might land yourself a Darwin Award.
  7. rasorinc
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    No windows, no see horizon = = puking all day and night. Not a bad design for a floating coffin.
  8. Petros
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    save yourself the trouble, get as large a used boat you can find and use it. go to a local boat yard or mania and ask what they have foreclosed on and available for sale, you will often find many abandon projects of sea worthy vessels for just the cost of the back yard fees. I know of a number of people that actually make a living buying these kind of boats and reselling them. You can also find steel barges and old commercial hulls often for free if you just haul them off out of the commercial boat yards, and even sometimes abandon in water ways around marinas and boat yards. No reason to build one, buy something that is already seaworthy and fix up the living quarters way you want it.

    This will cost you far less than building even a small floating box.
  9. Mr Efficiency
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    Mr Efficiency Senior Member

    OK, the 250 miles is to place himself in international waters. Well away from reality !
  10. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    BB44 you have your comments above.

    I will wager that you have never been to sea.

    Even a moderate storm in/on such a vessel could send you to Davy Jones locker in less time than it would take to say your prayers. Your idea would be OK for a small inland lake. It would be a suicide mission off the Maine coast.
  11. PAR
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    I've ignored this thread, simply because of the absurdity of it, but really . . .

    Do yourself a big favor and rent or borrow a boat, about the length you envision this to be and go park off the Maine shelf, for a few days and see how well it works out for you. I've been in these waters and you sure as hell better have a clue and a real ocean going vessel under you. Most of the posts here have been quite kind about the seriousness of this type of adventure. Let me assure you, take the ride and park for a few days - your " vessel vision" will change dramatically, once you've returned. Better yet, take a look at the average sea state conditions, just off the shelf, you'll experience in this area. 250 miles out, you're well off the bank and near the hump, both notorious areas, that have swallowed many, very capable and found vessels. So, how well do you think your contrivance will fair? BTW, today's conditions on the bank and east is a modest gale, with mean heights of 14' (meaning you'll see a few 40'ers roll through) and a steep swell. So, if 40' rollers don't have you too concerned, I say go for it.
  12. Tiny Turnip
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    I smell troll...
  13. Mr Efficiency
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    I'd much rather go cruising in the Spratly Islands, sure to be picked up by "rescuers" even if you don't put out a distress signal ! :D
  14. pdwiley
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    Precisely my thought.

    Just in case not, though, go & read the following 2 books.

    An Angel on Each Shoulder.
    The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters.

    Both by William Willis.

    Then think about what he did, how he did it, and what he went through.

    FWIW your designs are a joke, you have no clue about the forces you're dealing with and if you aren't trolling, you're somewhere between ignorant (which will be cured if you pay attention here) and an idiot (if you don't).


  15. Mr Efficiency
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    Battle of the Atlantic II, imo !
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