A-Class Catamaran Plans?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Nordschleife, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Erwan
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    Parabolic water lines with max width @61% lenght
    Between squared & elliptic hull sections playing with the "power" of the elliptical equation
    Then find a keel line which looks like a foiling Exploder.
    Then you got your plan.
    Honestly I don't think you can design an hull which can match Exploder hull shapes designed by a guy who used to work with AC design team.
    In addition I think his first name is Jesus,
    So if you want a boat which can "walk/foil" on the water... it is a no-brainer.:)
  2. Nordschleife
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    Nordschleife Junior Member

    Could you please elaborate? I don't quite understand
  3. Erwan
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    The best solution is you try to find on this forum, informations about MICHLET,
    then you download this freeware for slender hull design, and read the user's manual
    Then you will see that to design a hull you will be asked to choose parameters for Sections, Keel Lines, Waterlines
    for instance, for the keel line parameter is between 0 and 1
    0 means a parabolic keel line
    0.5 an elliptical one
    1 a square keel line (=the bow is square)
    Dont pay attention to the correspondance between parameters and shape, it is just an illustration.
    Digging a bit more, you will quickly understand how to make you own design with Excel even without VBA macro.
    For Michlet check Cyberiad.net on Internet
    Good Luck

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    Have you resolved your question?

  5. Manfred.pech
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