A Chance to Build a Wooden Boat Start to Finish- Philadelphia, PA

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    A unique chance to help make a classic, East coast work boat using traditional techniques.

    This will be a lapstrake Banks Dory—a beautiful boat with a sweeping sheer that’s a pleasure to row and look at.

    In the class, we will look at important skills like lofting, spiling, making patterns, planking, setting up a strongback, and cutting joinery. It’s a rare opportunity to participate in the process of making a classic boat from start to finish.

    The boat will be constructed in the clinker style. Basic skills like sharpening and milling lumber will be covered. While no woodworking experience is strictly required, it is highly recommended.

    All class attendees will enter into a lottery and at the end of class; one lucky winner will take the boat home for just the cost of materials.

    The history of the New England Banks Dory dates back 150 years or more. The Banks Dory was traditionally used as a fishing boat. It is a small (one or two person) vessel, which has simple and efficient construction. Lapstrake refers to the style of overlapped planking, which will be used to construct this boat.

    In the 1880s, places like Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire were producing fleets of Banks Dories for the fishermen of New England.

    Banks Dories are built to carry heavy loads and are excellent for rowing in fresh or salt water.

    This particular version is a 12’ Banks Dory from the lines drawn by John Gardner. Dories are traditionally designed by the bottom length, so this dory will actually be 15’ 6” length overall with maximum beam of 56” and 20” of freeboard amidships.

    It will be constructed with bronze fastenings and locally harvested and reclaimed lumber milled by Manayunk Timber.

    First full time week will be April 6th 2020 to April 11th 2020. There will also be an additional 3-5 full time weekends to complete the project.

    Manayunk Timber will provide all materials necessary to build the boat at our woodyard. There will be a materials fee in addition to the total tuition.

    WEEK 1:
    Introduction to tools, craft, and materials.

    Will complete initial set up, stem and transom, and finish planking.

    WEEK 2:
    Flip boat, outfit the interior, which includes inwhales, gunwhale, breast hook and knees, frames, thwarts and more.

    Jared Moore worked as a shipwright at Port Townsend Shipwright’s Co-op in Port Townsend, Washington after attaining a degree in traditional small craft construction from The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. Jared is experienced in high end woodworking and as a shipwright. He is also an expert teacher who has taught fine woodworking to people of all ages, and instructed in subjects that range from high school English to flyfishing.

    Jared has worked at Manayunk Timber for one year as our shop-manager. He completes custom orders and is an integral part to Manayunk Timber’s daily functions. He has a wealth of knowledge about hand-tools, wood species, and furniture construction.

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    check my recent post in "Services" about helping people get actual completed boats from "home builder" plan sets.
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