a CAT from one monohull ?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by ASM, Oct 10, 2008.

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    Hey to all.. lately I am thinking of using a catamaran platform for some sort of 'Party-CAT' to be used on nice sunny days in the weekends (as most people use thier boats then). Powered by electric motors and roof covered with solar panels. To be used on inland waterways and an occasional coastal experience to go to sandy beaches....

    Would cutting a fibreglass monohull Sail boat into 2 halves do a proper job ? Would the flat surfaces be on the inward or outward side ?

    Or is this a completely stupid idea ?
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    The splitting of a monohull idea was used on some of the early planing power cats (search for Prout Panther 64?), but the idea has been superseded by more considered ideas.

    For low speed displacement cats, it's never had anything going for it and I think you would embark on a lot of work for very little gain.

    You must be ale to find a better 'donor' boat, perhaps find an old tornado cat and build a central hull for a trimaran using Derek Kelsall's KISS method. I don't think there would be much more glass work involved in building one small slim hull from scratch that way, than modifying a dissected monohull. Use alu tubes for the cross beams.


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