A cat for my family

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by DiasDePlaya, Apr 19, 2010.

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    DiasDePlaya Junior Member

    Hello everyone,

    Please suggest me a catamaran:

    My family is Mom, Dad, two daughters, two sons. I'm a regatta helmsman and crazy about speed, I really love to fly one hull sailing a Nacra 5.8.

    The idea is to sell the beach house and replace it by a catamaran, then the boat must have some accommodations, but as the boat will be in a marina and nobody in my family like to cook probably we will never use the galley, just during one or two weeks on vacations that we will cruise we would use the galley, then I no need big freezer, nor washing machine. 99% of the boat use would be to sleep on weekends and daysailing.

    But the fun factor under sail is very important.

    I love ply-epoxy boats.

    Budget around $400.000.

    Any suggestion?
  2. alan white
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    alan white Senior Member

    I wouldn't buy a fifty-footer just because it costs 400k and it sleeps six. Too much boat to daysail for the hassle. I'd buy a houseboat and sail a thirty-footer and have much more fun. With four kids, you gotta get everyone motivated to sail, but if you could leave a few behind, or take only a couple kids out at a time, the houseboat would come in handy.
    Besides, not that it matters, you'll have at least 250k left over.
  3. DarthCluin
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    DarthCluin Senior Member

  4. Richard Woods
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    Richard Woods Woods Designs

    Thank you DarthCluin for suggesting the Meander. I don't actually think it would do, it's probably too cruisey

    There seems to be two main requirements: Speed, and space for 6 adults in at least 3 cabins, (preferably five cabins, depending on children's ages). And all at a price tag that is essentially unlimitless for a daysailer/weekender.

    I'd love to design a boat like that, but first why not look at the Crowther 38 that Mike Bell used to build?? I went on one in November in Florida, it was for sale for about USD70,000. It can be demounted for shipping.

    Otherwise I agree with Alan White. So much so that we are now seriously considering the houseboat/fast trailable boat combination ourselves

    Please email me (no PM's) direct if you want to discuss things further in private

    Richard Woods of Woods Designs


  5. DiasDePlaya
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    DiasDePlaya Junior Member

    Just to explain what I like: Without budget limitation probably I would buy a SIG 45, but this very nice cat is over a million ready to sail.

    Anyway for now this is just an academic dialog because first I need to sell the idea to the family (wife) then sell the house and finally buy the boat, a long way to walk yet.
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