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a boat/moter/trailer buy for some boat builder.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by thudpucker, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. thudpucker
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    thudpucker Senior Member

    I have a 78 Johnson, 85 Hp Javlin.


    The starter's ruined. You need a new one.
    The engine has not been started since 05. I've owned the boat etc since 01.
    It started quick and ran fine. I had just replaced the Fuel lines and got called away. I never got back to it.
    It's a mechanical shift, not electric. It has a Stainless prop too.

    For a guy building a wood boat that can use this big motor and a good single axle trailer this is a great buy.

    He can dump the Fiberglass Bass boat into his pond for the kids to play with, and use the 85 outboard on the wood boat and the trailer for the wood boat.
    You get the hardware, cables and the Throttle lever assembly and a gas tank.
    This trailer has good tires, bearing buddy's and is ready to go. I have the paper work (somewhere)
    I'll get you more photos if you want.
    The lights all work, it has a standard Four terminal connector.
    The loading guides are Bolt-on's and can be moved. The load rating is over 2000 Lbs on the trailer tires.
    Three good tires, a good tongue jack. Dilly is a good trailer.
    $800 is all I'm asking.
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